“Whenever my heels crack, I put on some Barefoot Butter at night and by morning they are 50% better.
I was amazed at how fast it works and how effective this stuff is.”
Lynne, Utah

“I used to have really deep, nasty cracks in my heels that really hurt. The cracks are gone now and if they
ever start coming back, I just put on more Barefoot Butter and within a couple of hours they disappear.
Darla, Utah

”I put Barefoot Butter on the eczema on my daughter’s legs. Her legs used to be really rough and itchy.
Now they are soft and smooth.”
Summer, Idaho

“I use Barefoot Butter on my cracked heels but I also use it on my eczema and my husband’s red, dry hands. It works amazingly well.”
Brittany, Utah